Episode With The Most YT Views

Friday Night Lights is an award-winning series based on the life and experience of living in Dillon, Texas. Lena Blietz, a teacher, described the TV show as one of the most refined and comprehensive accounts of race relation in a typical American society. According to Blietz, the movie sparked the most meaningful discussion of race in the class.

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Friday Night Lights showed how the community was united by a high school football. It also explores the small dramas within a small town that is always threatening its unity. The show lasted for three seasons, packing suspense and moments of failures and victories and the countless challenges faced by the coach.

The Cast And Their Challenges

Coach Eric Taylor

Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler who also starred in Grey’s Anatomy) was a key figure in this drama series. He was often seen juggling responsibilities between family and work pressures evident in mixed communities. His wife, Tami Taylor (Connie Britton starred in Nashville) works as the new principal of Dillon high school and had her own challenges to deal with.

Tami is met with shrinking school budget and supplies. She also had to manage student issues and declining teaching staff. At home, she has to attend to a baby and a daughter, Julie (Aimee Teegarden who also starred in Prom), in her teenage years.

Awards Garnered By Friday Night Lights

During the three seasons of Saturday Night Lights, it received many accolades from reviewers and high-profile publications. The drama series was honored as the Television Program of the Year twice in a row (2006/2007) by the American Film Institute (AFI).

Entertainment Weekly, Time magazine, and The New York Times hailed it as one of the top ten shows of the year. Friday Night Lights also bagged the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award in 2006 and won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series the following year.

The Episode With That Continues To Garner YouTube Views

AFI Award – Twice!

Friday Night Lights was not widely viewed as Lena Blietz rightly pointed out. However, there were a lot of unanswered questers that viewers hoped the grand finale would answer including the possibility of Coach Taylor’s return to coach the Dillon Panthers. One would expect that the most viewed episode would be the grand finale but it isn’t.

The most viewed episode (with over 1.3 million views on YouTube) is the episode where Coach Gaines addressed his team. The coach started by telling the players that after two quarters most of them would never play the game again in their entire lives.

Listening to the soul-searching pep talk where Coach Gaines redefined perfection, it is easy to understand why it has been widely viewed. Coach Gaines points out that perfection is not all about the scoreboard or winning but about the relationship with teammates, family, and friends.

He mentioned that being perfect is about looking into the eyes of your friends and family and knowing that you did not let them down. At the end of his speech, we could see some of the players breakdown in tears – and you probably would too.


It really is a quite difficult to conceive a realistic approach for a TV Show and then earn the sizeable audience that the show actually deserves. Same has been the case with Friday Night Lights; it had the exceptional realistic plot that included the deep exploration of central America and also some very sound characterization of the cast but still failed to achieve the targeted number of audience.