Friday Night Lights TV Series 6 To 10 Reviews

fridaynightlights4Friday Night Lights is a popular American TV series and it consists of five seasons. All the seasons were popular amongst viewers and it revolved around the game of football. Eric Taylor plays the role of football coach in the series who handles a football team in Dillon high school Texas. This serial is beautifully crafted around the life of football players and the people related to them. It shows the ups and downs of real life and how victory is achieved when efforts of all are put together.
Come across with the reviews of this series

  1. Season 1 began in 2006. It was liked by many people and critics also gave positive reviews for its first season. It gave a glimpse of real life situations.
  2. Critics liked it a lot and said that it is a great series to watch. Some even said that it is the best sports related TV show to be aired.
  3. Season 2 had few shortcomings but still managed to get positive reviews overall. Some even argued that this season was far away from reality. There were some shortcomings in the plot of the story.
  4. Season 2 was less appreciated than the first season and critics said that it somehow lost its sync. Some even called this season just an ordinary show. But many viewers believed that the changes made in the second season were necessary to take the story forward.
  5. For the years 2006 and 2007 many platforms included this television series in their top 10 list of famous television serials.
  6. In the 3rd season the flaws were improved upon that were noticed during the second season. Many new changes came during this season.
  7. The viewership became strong till the 3rd season and gained a lot of positive feedback from the viewers and critics. A leap was also shown in the 3rd season.
  8. The fourth season depicted a narrative style. The struggles that the characters face due to changes in their lives are impressively shown in this season. A lot of twists and turns came in the fourth season.
  9. A lot of drama was involved in the fifth season and the characters performed very well. The fifth season was the final season itself and it ended in the year 2011. This season was a delight to watch as the series was concluding.
  10. The final episode of the fifth season was very good. It showed an excellent onscreen depiction of all the characters that were there in the show. It was one of the best episodes of this series.

The Friday Night Lights television series very well depicted all the characters and the situation that it was trying to portray onscreen. It has received a lot of positive feedback and reviews from a lot of people. Many times this series has been included in the top 10 list of TV shows that were aired on television. Its first season was truly amazing, there were certain negative reviews for the second and third season and the final season was wonderful especially the concluding episode of the series that was liked by all.


It really is a quite difficult to conceive a realistic approach for a TV Show and then earn the sizeable audience that the show actually deserves. Same has been the case with Friday Night Lights; it had the exceptional realistic plot that included the deep exploration of central America and also some very sound characterization of the cast but still failed to achieve the targeted number of audience.