Friday Night Lights TV Series 1 To 5 Reviews

Friday Night Lights is an American television series that has received a lot of fame and praise from its viewers. It is a drama series that is based around the game of football. It shows the life of players and their coach and the people associated with them. It is much related to the real life situations that an individual goes through. This television series depicts in a wonderful way the highs and lows of everyone’s life and how they come together to achieve their goals.

Here are the reviews of this television series from season 1 to 5

Season 1 reviews

Season 1 came in the year 2006. Many people believed that the first season of this series was very innovative and gives a very real view of the small town life and the social issues that the people have to face. This season had almost 90% positive reviews by its side. This series was based on a book and a movie was also made on it and later this television series began in the year 2006. Some of the viewers ranked it very high and also stated that it was one of the best TV shows based on the theme of sports and woven around real life.

Season 2 reviews

Season 2 of this series received around 94% positive reviews. Some critics believed that this season was away from the reality and had flaws, and story point raised many questions.While some believed that it was a necessary move. But overall a very good onscreen portrayal was depicted that how players in a small town based in America lead to victory. Many characters in this series in the second season go through big changes in their lives. In this season EricTaylor accepts a job at Austin’sTexas Methodist University and his struggle is shown when he tries to settle with the new life.

Season 3 reviews

The series continued to shine in the 3rd season as well. The viewership became strong till the 3rd season and had positive reviews. The show tried to overcome the flaws that were observed in its second season. In this season a leap was taken towards the next year in the school and beginning of a new football season was shown. The season was appreciated by the viewers and derived many new changes in the plot.

Season 4 reviews

Season 4 was also appreciated by the viewers. By this time the series created its own fan base. There were fresh twist and turns in the show and had a narrative style in this season. Eric manages a new team in this season and Tami begins to adjust with the new atmosphere. Matt and Riggins are shown to deal with their own struggles.

Season 5 reviews

This was a great season for this show. More drama was involved, with the characters completely absorbed in their roles. New players were recruited in the fifth season of this TV series in the football team. It was the final season and it ended in the year 2011. The final season is a delight to watch. The final episode is truly amazing to watch.

This series is really wonderful with a lot of positive reviews from its viewers and critics also like it a lot. There are some negative reviews for certain plots in some season but overall they can be overlooked seeing the wonderful impact it created.


It really is a quite difficult to conceive a realistic approach for a TV Show and then earn the sizeable audience that the show actually deserves. Same has been the case with Friday Night Lights; it had the exceptional realistic plot that included the deep exploration of central America and also some very sound characterization of the cast but still failed to achieve the targeted number of audience.