Why You Should Watch Friday Night Lights

All of you must be aware of the famous TV serial Friday night lights. But maybe some of you don’t know about it. Friday night lights is a famous American TV serial which is about the high school football team. This serial address many of the issues which face the culture of America, school funding, abortion, and racism.

Now the question here comes that why you should watch Friday night lights? What is so special in this serial that it must be watched. Here are some of the reasons that why it should be watched.

It is about football, but it is not

As the name tells, this drama is about the football but all not about football, just like driving a car is not about going to fake driving school lessons – get the idea? In this serial, you will see teams of football who have different issues with one another. You will get to know about the struggle of the people, their love for the football game due to which all will be together in any of the conditions. So basically this serial is much more than just a football game.

For those who love watching football and its huge fans then you will enjoy all the scenes of the serial when they will play football. The way of their fielding, how coach trains them and all. You will definitely love all the time of this serial whether the scenes are about football or they are not.

Based on a True story

This serial is all about reality. All the scenes and the characters are related to the real life story of the football team. So you will love watching this serial.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack of this serial is totally awesome and amazing. Your heart will skip a beat while listening to the music of this serial.

The Women

In this serial, you will find out the women having so much confidence and strength. The women of the Friday Night Lights are strong who takes and then face all the challenges given to them by life or the people living around them. Not only the womens are strong but pretty and beautiful too.

The Men

I know this may sound funny, but in this serial, you will have a crush on men one after other. All the male characters of this serial have a handsome personality and the way they play football.


It really is a quite difficult to conceive a realistic approach for a TV Show and then earn the sizeable audience that the show actually deserves. Same has been the case with Friday Night Lights; it had the exceptional realistic plot that included the deep exploration of central America and also some very sound characterization of the cast but still failed to achieve the targeted number of audience.